How to give your small garden the wow factor all year round

How to give your small garden the wow factor all year round

A lot of people have a “small garden,” but in this article, it would be addressed as the “perfectly sized garden.”

A perfectly sized garden is a garden that can be used for recreational activities, where some crops can be cultivated and large enough to make beautiful scenery from inside the house. Such a garden should be adequately taken care of to get the wow factor all year round.

Golden rules

The five clues briefly illustrated below would assist you in achieving that exceptional wow factor.

1. Given the climatic condition of this part of the world, it is advisable to always work on the view from inside the house to the outside. Its look while sitting on your favorite armchair would entice you. 

2. Keep it simple and do not forget the ‘rule of three’ applies to a good number of things in the garden. Therefore, endeavor to make use of at least three types of flooring materials such as grass, gravel, and sandstone. This will give your garden a unique and outstanding view to the envy of all who walk in there. Though it is possible to decorate your garden with a wide variety of materials, it is also tasking. 

 3. The rule of three is also applicable to the colors you utilize in painting the fences, accessories, plants, and furniture. Your garden will look better if you restrict the number of colors your use.

4. Lighting is essential. Not just for the external purposes, but an all-round view from the house. Your garden needs to look mind-blowing on a winter evening as it does on a summer afternoon. Carry out lighting layering by lighting the steps, sitting areas, and paths. After which you should proceed to light other features such as water, small trees, wall surfaces and lots more to make the whole place glow.

Perfect plants

The rule for plants should also be considered. Halve your lists of plants; this is because the simpler your plants, the better and the easier it will be to maintain.

1. Adopting a winter structure will help keep your garden in perfect condition all year round. Opt for box bushes or other durable plantings to technique to point up the garden and give it shape in winter.

2.  Look for extraordinary plants which perform all year round.A A perfect instance of such plant is the Lavender plant.  This plant is a real winner with its flowers springing up during summer; it looks alluring during autumn and winter.

 3. Winter bulbs such as crocus and tulips will give your garden with an interesting look throughout winter.

4. Fences and walls usually provide a magnificent background for climbers. The evergreen Trachelospermumjasminoides and Clematis armandii will provide year-round cover. You could also add roses to provide the right smash through summer.