Pergolas are as important to a patio the same way roofs are important to a house, while you may have made all the necessary adjustments and amendments to your patio as the new summer season approaches or as you clear up after yourself as the summer season ends.

For those who don’t know pergolas are a regular feature in most gardens or garden like environment   which always serve dual purposes , they serve as an appendage for climbing plants and they serve as shades or coverings for individual to relax, refresh and retreat after a long day’s work or just for pure relaxation on a cool summers day or night, the beautiful part about pergolas is that they are easy to construct and design dependent on your style, here are a few pergola styles you can adopt to give your patio that comfortable and refined look.

Build a pergola with an Adjustable see-through roof

Building a pergola with adjustable see-through roof may not be perfect for you but it is totally perfect for your plants, the crawling ones or the ones in need of shades as the adequate amount of rain and sun can be regulated as you wish, this sort is easy to build either using wood or metal ensuring that the roof of the pergola rests on solid uprights made from the same material.

Build a pergola over a lover’s deck

Try to think of yourself and your loved ones and not just your plants as you construct this covered pergola , which means you should consider building this pergola over a deck probably beside a fire place overlooking the bar or the barbecue grill so that not only are those private moments kept private , you all are protected from the sun and whatever harsh elements of nature might want to interfere.

Build a free standing unattached pergola.

Who said pergolas can’t be standalone structures and who said you can’t build it yourself, all you need is the right spot of your choice and few tools such as all the materials you need either wood or metal and some trampoline for a shade (if necessary) all you have to do is start with the foundation and build all the way to the top.

Build a pergola according to your purse

 Building a pergola isn’t building a space ship or building a retirement home, whatever plans you might have or nurse, there is an unspoken rule when it comes to building one for your patio : keep it simple and budget friendly


Whatever way you build your pergola and with whatever material ensure that it fits your plan, ensure that it is structural and functional enough, Pergolas in a patio or just over a deck in the garden are multi-purpose and if they are well built they can serve much more that the purpose they were built for. Since you are building this yourself : build with class, build to taste and build to last.